Something Beautiful

when i think of the person i am going to marry, i imagine someone beautiful. i imagine someone who is just an incredible person who i’m blessed to even know. she is beautiful in her personality how she just meshes with you and every little thing she does. she is beautiful despite her flaws. it doesn’t matter how she looks ultimately when she is beautiful. she could be having a bad day, even a hair day, but she is still always going to be beautiful. there is only one woman that can do that for me. i’ll love her for who she is, because God blessed me enough for her to be in my life. the moment i forget that i don’t deserve such a blessing is when i don’t deserve her or seriously rethink things. i already love this woman, though i don’t know who she is yet. i could describe her, but that would take up too much because the list would be so long. to sum up this woman in a few words would be : she loves her Savior with all of her heart, all of her mind, and all of her soul. her God comes first, and He is her Father. whether this person exists, i do not know. i’m patiently waiting on God to reveal His plan for me as far as that and everything else. whatever happens in the end, i know it will be beautiful.

how i would describe that would be how a lock and key fit. there is only one key that can open this lock, this lock to our heart and soul. we continually search for keys to fit our hearts. we think we come close, yet the key doesn’t fit right, or the ridges on the key don’t move the pins and tumbler into the right position to open it. we think it does fit, since most of the pins have moved into the right position, yet there is something missing there because the key doesn’t fit. thus the reason we have relationship problems, because we don’t allow God time to show us the right key, or person, to fit our heart. and sometimes, there isn’t a key that is human, but divine. for some of us, we will never find someone to open our heart because God has set apart that person so that Jesus can be that key. that is beautiful, because whether we will marry someone or not, God has set apart someone to be that key.

God has designed our relationships with such care. locks and keys are simple in concept, but are complicated in actuality. the same goes for our relationships. locks get complex because we don’t want people to break into our things. they get designed to be durable and tough yet open with relative ease when the right key is inserted. so should our hearts be when it comes to relationships. we shouldn’t let someone into our heart as far as a relationship goes who isn’t supposed to be there. that place is designed for either our mate, or Jesus. it’s whatever God has called you to. yet, we let people and even things into this place so that it defiles it. we try to fill the complexities of what we want in a relationship in ways we shouldn’t be doing. we try to make the keys we find fit or even try to make them ourselves. but we can’t do God’s work. God is the locksmith. if God is the creator of us, shouldn’t He know what He is doing when he fashions our hearts? the Creator of the universe that designed everything from an atom to laws of physics designed our hearts as well. just imagining that He designed it is something hard to comprehend, yet it will always be something beautiful if we allow God to be in control of it and work in us to accomplish His goals for our lives. it really is beautiful, b-e-a-utiful.

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