Look up My child

Look up My child,
Look into My eyes.
Why are you so sorrow-hearted?
Why do tears like diamonds flow down your face?
I know Your road is hard,
I’ve been down it with My own dusty feet.
Pick up your head,
Keep pushing towards your goal,
My Spirit is here to comfort you
In your every need.
I know you are broken,
But it is time that I take your shattered life
And make it My own.
See that I am taking you down a road
So narrow and straight,
Inevitably hard and long,
As is the life you have chosen.
But take comfort My child
That it leads directly to Me,
You will see Me soon enough.
I will replace Your broken body
And your joy will be indelible.
Take your peace that I give you today,
I will take you into My hands,
I will never leave you.
Nothing can snatch you from My sight.
Though you can’t see Me,
I AM is always a whisper away.

Look up My child,
Look into My eyes.
Why is it so hard for you to look into My eyes,
To gaze in My direction?
I have a plan for you,
That cannot be shaken,
That cannot be changed,
Just like my everlasting love for you.
I know you will make mistakes.
I know the mud will cling to your clothes,
And the blood crusts to your aching skin
Covering your contusions within.
I never said your life in Me would be without challenge.
These hardships I bring you through
Are My way of bringing you closer to Me,
And for others to see the Light.

Oh, child, can’t you see how much I love you?
Is there no shame that I can’t wipe clean?
No despair that I can’t replace with joy?
I want you to reach out for My mercy,
It is waiting right here at the door.
Why don’t you open it
And come out of your darkness?
You, this child I adore, I want you
To come into My arms.
I’m waiting right here.
If only you would
Look up My child,
Look into My eyes,
I AM is right here.

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