The Rose Petals Fall

The rose petals fall
Fluttering to the grass and sweetly resting
Appearing as the tears of the Savior
As He looks at His creation
That has turned their nose at the One
Whos love causes those same roses to bloom

The rose petals fall
Their beauty to be tossed into the lifeless breeze
Looking like His children
Wandering off into bliss
As the One who created the wind
Desperately wants to correct their course

The rose petals fall
Spinning round and dancing about
As pieces of the broken one’s heart
Whos soul aches for change
As the Savior extends His nail scarred hands
Wanting so desperately to mend

The rose petals fall
Into the hands of a child
Who is in awe at the sweet soft smell
Of the beauty that lay in its hands
As the One who caused the rose to bloom
Looks in adoration at the one with that childlike faith

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