Lord to hear Your voice
Amidst every singe choice
And all distraction

Can I get alone
Because my heart groans
For you my God

The voices in my head
Seem to make my decisions spread
When You are my only one

Here I remain
Cheeks covered in stains
All I want is You

I should have known in my heart
From the very start
Where I’ve been shapes me into who I am

God I yearn to be in Your sight
But my flesh cries out for what isn’t right
In You I will have victory

I want to hear the sound of Your name
Filling my heart like a violent flame
Licking at the fibre of my being with refining heat

Oh God just to hear Your voice
It’s what my heart groans for I have no choice
I just want You at my side

My God my deliverer
Rescue me from fears that hinder
I know You’re there

Hear me in my desperation
Where all I want is to see Your name proclaimed among the nations
And your voice to fill my mind with Your precious thoughts

I cannot get away
From a place I never seemed to want to stay
I want to remain here forever here in Your hands

Take this yoke with me
Cause alone I cannot go on I see
Take these burdens from my mind

I know the journey is going to be long
But my heart will remain just as strong
In the palm of Your hands I will be

I can smell the sweet drops of rain
Washing away dreams I should never attain
My heart is afresh in a steady downpour of Your love

In this I give you praise
With one voice I will raise
A joyful song of your majesty

You know what I need
And You will water the seeds
Of joy, comfort, peace, and freedom in You

Your name is to be proclaimed in all the earth
And Even though in the midst of You we seem to be of no worth
We are more valuable than many sparrows

In You we rejoice
And with one voice
We will shout Your name above the heavens

Because beyond tales of history
We still have Your story
Of unfailing love for the same ones that disdain Your perfect name

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