Jehovah Jireh

In every sunset, I see Jehovah-Nissi. It’s written upon the wisps of orange and gold radiating from the clouds. Those vibrant colors You created shout the glory of Your name. Even when the sun which rose at the dawn slips below the trees, Your glory shines through the night. Every twinkling star and skreetch of the crickets composes a melody that sings praise to You. How can I not but sing praise to You, my LORD and Redeemer? How can I keep from shouting the wonders of Your works? Can I surely stop my mouth from uttering Your praise? May I never stop even humming of Your awesome magnificence. How my words fail me to even try to describe the wonders of Your works, oh Jehovah Jireh. Only You are Jehovah-Shalom. Only You can be Jehovah-Shammah. Only You are El Shaddai. Who can describe You? Who can describe the vastness of Your knowledge? Glory to the Righteous One in the highest, give praise to the One who is our Strength and Shield and the Horn of our salvation.

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