Love illuminates the dark places of our hearts. It searches our deepest parts and exposes them – so that we can be freed of what hinders – so that we can ‘share the Love.’ Not only does Love illuminate our hearts, but it illuminates our lives as well. It is a Lamp unto our feet and a Light unto our paths. It is a Lighthouse so that those far off shore can find rest and safety. In a place so decrepit, Love is the One thing that remains pure. Love frees us to love others, yet because of it’s nature we remain willingly slaves to it. Love is the caring hand guiding the blind. Love is requiring payment for sin. Love is providing the sacrifice for that same sin. Love reaches out, touches our hearts, and ignites a burning flame in our hearts.

Love requires purity, in a world wrought with impurity. Love requires trust, with no strings attached. Love requires faith, with total trust. Love requires sacrifice, with no expectation of any return. Love requires justice, when there is none. Love requires mercy, no matter the wrong. Love requires grace, when there is no reason it should be given. Love requires you.

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