Always beautiful

How many times has God spoken to you and you chose not to do what He says? How long do you think you can keep on doing just that, ignoring the very words and promptings of God? How long do you think He will wait when you deliberately turn away from what He is leading you to? We have grown up in a society where we believe the only time God speaks to us is through Jim Carey and Morgan Freeman in their respective movies as they portray “God.” Yes, God can speak audibly, but that isn’t how He speaks a majority of the time. His voice wasn’t in the earthquake, fire, or even the strong wind that broke the rocks before the LORD. His voice was in a low whisper, which we have to be diligent enough to seek to listen to.

If we decided we would listen to what God is trying to tell us, how would that change things? What would your life look like if you chose to follow God instead of your own desires? Not all desires (Mark 4:19) and pleasures (Luke 8:14) are even bad in and of themselves, but rather gifts from God. John Piper says that the greatest adversary of love to God is not his enemies but his gifts. Take an example such as food. It is a fundamental necessity, but yet we can choose through the act of fasting to give up that desire (and hopefully pleasure depending on who cooks!) to the honor and glory of God. He is the one that can sustain you, even with no food. He did for Jesus in the wilderness, how much more can He do the same for us? When we seek to be totally sustained in Him, and everything else is just an extra blessing, then this is where our relationship with God truly looks beautiful. We are being totally supplied and sustained in everything by the very One who knitted us in our mother’s womb. We are to be like the child, totally dependent on mother and father for all of their needs. We are to be dependent on the Father for all of our needs as well. Not only with food, but emotionally and spiritually as well. Let us not forget that He is the one that made us not only physically, but spiritually as well. If he can provide something as simple as food, how much more can he sustain us beyond the physical? It is incredible to be able to run to the arms of God and we are able to rest in that love. It is all we will ever need. The Love that loves all of humanity holds me in His arms as if I were His only child. We know the comfort it brings to be able to run to someone we love and are able to be held by them. God’s love is so much more than that! It is so much more available, and never ceases.

When will we listen to Him who is eagerly desiring for us to come to Him that He may show us the depth of His love? When will we see that He is all we need? When will we see that we don’t need to worry about being provided for, because He even provides for the smallest of creatures. When will we learn to run to a love that isn’t sometimes beautiful like ours is, but to run to a Love that is always beautiful?

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