I am Yours

I am Yours. Nothing else can replace You. No matter how distracting my life becomes, You have to be my one way out. I want my life to honor You, in all ways. Not just what is seen in public, but also what goes on behind the closed doors of my mind. You deserve all the honor and glory, for how can I be where I am without You? Without You I am now nothing, but I’ve been given everything I’ll ever need. You are just a whisper away, no matter if I’m in the depths of the oceans, in the middle of a concrete jungle, or struggling for my next breath, You will always be right there. No one else can do what You can. No one can be there like You can. No one can take care of my every need more than You can. I am blessed beyond measure, when I remember the wondrous works of Your hands in my life my eyes begin to tear. I cannot begin to understand all that You’ve brought me through and how You’ve blessed me through it all, beyond all I can ask or imagine. I am blessed that I can call myself Your child. I thank You for that. I can speak for days recalling all that You’ve done, how You’ve made everything come at the proper time, always fitting better than I could have thought. You sustain me, You are my food and drink and all I’ll ever need to survive. Yet you bless me even more by providing me with an abundance of Your love. I am overwhelmed, and I cannot contain what is within my heart. I have You in there, and who can contain You? God Your works are marvelous, what You have in store is beyond we could ever dream. Let us begin to catch a glimpse of what You have in store. Let us be filled with the knowledge of Your will so that we can do it. All I want to do is follow You, for my heart has been set in Stone, the very Cornerstone whom the builders rejected. Father, I pray that the refining fires of Your Spirit will continue to purify my wicked heart until all that is left is You. Continue Your works in my life, for I am Yours.

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