what do you think of when you hear the word beautiful? a girl? scenery? maybe a car or an item of some sort? or does it go deeper?

for me, the word beautiful describes so many things. when you describe someone as beautiful that should mean a lot, especially since most of the time you will be talking about a girl. usually a special someone. the girl is beautiful in every way. she is beautiful in her personality how she just meshes with you and every little thing she does. she is beautiful despite her flaws. it doesn’t matter how she looks ultimately when she is beautiful. she could be having a bad day, even a hair day, but she is still always going to be beautiful.

you know what meaning matters more to me though? the beauty of the relationship i have with my God. this kind of beauty is indescribable and can only be described with heartfelt praise. i look at the night sky tonight and i can’t just help but laugh and smile at how wonderful of a creation we live in. i see the bright moon and the stars shining just as bright. its clear and crisp. its so awesome that God is in control of it. He is in control of it all. He is the one that created all of this beauty that surrounds us. whether its that special someone or that night sky that reminds us always that there is a Creator. since He made all of this beauty naturally our relationships will be beautiful in His eyes as well always. yet to us, we lose that sense of wonder and awe. we look out at the sky and wish it was warmer. we look out at the trees and mountains that are changing into such beautiful colors and long for summer. And when it comes to our beautiful relationship with God we lose our sense of awe and wonder at Him. we lose that sense of wanting to be out there with Him all the time and just simply be in His presence like one would in nature. why can’t we take our relationship with God that seriously? why do we come first? why do we keep making mistakes? why? why? well, its time to begin to take things seriously. our relationship with God, people, our work, everything. that means finding beauty in everything too. whether it is your special someone, friend, co worker, and something on the drive home. its time to find joy. and part of joy is seeing the ‘beauty’ in everything even when there seemingly isn’t. God sees that in us too. He thinks we are beautiful creations despite our flaws. our Creator wants the relationship with us. its time we give it to Him, and make it beautiful.

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