Where can I look?

I look to my left
And see the scantily clad
Woman walking down the street

I look to my right
And the women in the window
Are mostly plastic

I look up
The nightclub is having a discount
For their new members

I look down
At my new magazine
Only to have to rip out pages

I look straight ahead
As the spring break women
Pop up again

There seems to be no escape
Even in safe places
To hide from this

They invade the churches and schools
Not knowing their devil without
That entices many eyes

Can You open their hearts
So that they can see
What we see?

Father, can You instill in them
Beauty that doesn’t need to be sought from the outside
But in finding You on the inside?

We desire only You,
Only You for our lives.
Let us find only You when we gaze at them

Father, where can I look
To find a place to gaze
That honors You?

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