Abide in these – faith, hope, and love

You can never take away
The marvelous love that resides within
It is something beyond your grasp
No matter how many pages of the Book
You want to tear out and away

Love is engraved on the tablet of my heart
It can’t be burned away
No matter how much the Liar tries to tear my heart from me
My God who was your God will mend it
And keep me safe in His rest

Where love abounds so do hope and faith
Those the Deceiver cannot take away either
For He has carved those into me too
Since His grace is eternal
Those will be forever through Him

Where these three abound
I cannot help but spread what He has generously given
Who wouldn’t want to experience hope when there is none
Or faith in the impossible
Or love without condition like the Father’s

He has given us a generous gift
And asked to us to be just as generous as our Father
So that we can overcome him through the faith, hope, and love
That our Father gives to us as we desperately seek Him
His love is meant forever unlike what the world gives

We abound in hope through the Father
There is no fear in love
We have faith because of His love for us
Our mighty God does not fear
Rather He perfected love on a wooden cross

The greatest of these is love
It melts the hearts of stone
And opens the floodgates to mercy
It seeks righteousness and holiness
Because it seeks to please the Father

Now continue in these so that we may not be hindered
So that we can continue in the work that He has for us
The work of faith we continue
The labor of love brings us joy
And the steadfastness of hope brings to light a glorious future.

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