Hate is easy, but love takes courage

Hate is easy
Hate is a cop-out
Hate is the result of fear
Hate is giving into those fears
Hate harbors no true courage, only the will to just fight like unreasoning animals (2 Peter 2)
Hate, unabased, grows uncontrollably in the face of oppression, beatings, killings, torturings, trials, and the day to day of life.
Hate, then leads to ultimate destruction of soul, life, and/or other lives.
Hate has a hard time accepting love
Hate is the result of our fallen nature, our instinct (Jude 1:10)
Hate is the byproduct of sin
Hate is even perverted by sin and Satan, for God hates sin. Satan distorted that into hating everything else but sin.
The only good thing for hate, is to hate our sin. Hate our sin in such a way that it drives us to our Savior, and drives us to reach others so that they can find the Light to wash them clean as snow and to give them new life.

Love takes courage
Love overcomes
Love is a perfect paradox
Love has faith like a child
Love then stands strong in the face of oppression, beatings, killings, torturings, trials, and the day to day of life.
Love grows stronger, showing itself even stronger in the face of the above and more building up the lives of those who accept that love.
Love is the result of the Spirit within us and goes against our nature
Love was what came first, until it was perverted by sin
Love loves the Lord, the saint, and the sinner.

If we want an example of how hate cannot defeat love, look at Israel and God’s love for them. Not only has His hand been with them through THEIR hate of God and His commandments, but also through many OTHER people’s hate for God’s chosen people. God has made a promise to them because He loved them, and after thousands of years of attempted genocide (even the Crusades) against the Jewish people (Hitler alone killed 6 million, and even that fact is trying to get distorted), the Jews have their own country (again finally after 70AD according to God’s promise (Jer. 31:8-9))! We cannot forget our roots as gentiles. Our brethren have been an example of what not to do, but also more so that God’s hand has been incredibly faithful to them in mighty ways. The same can be said of us, because He has made us His people as well through the power and love of Christ.

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