The Valley of Hope

I see a beautiful valley around me
It winds and it twists cut by a raging river
The floods have left the land ripe for growth

This valley is treacherous it leaves me wandering
Until I see the land rising above me
I know for now i have to follow the land the peaks are so high

The trees above me are so beautiful
The path I seek to follow laden with roots and rocks
I look up and see that the hard path I follow really isn’t too bad

I’m being led somewhere beautiful
Mountains block my view
But those mountains are what make the trip worth it


Remember when you are in the valley that it is still as beautiful as being on a mountain. Don’t forget the God who is leading you and where He is leading you is for your good…because He loves you. You are also seeking to love Him, you are His child and you are trying to please Him. He wouldn’t be bringing you through a valley if He wasn’t going to lead you to somewhere beautiful. It is hard to see with the mountains rising up on either side, with a whole forest of uncertainty and worry that lies before you. Remember who made the forest, and who directs your paths.

Who are we even to be worthy of His leading us by the hand? Yet by His grace, mercy and love He still chooses us and still chooses to direct our paths when we reach out to Him. I know you may be in a valley, but don’t forget to look up and be in awe of the beauty of His creation and what He is bringing you through. He is the God who loves you, and He is preparing you for what is to come. He promises a hope and a future through His Son. That alone has to be sufficient for us, but He is much more so than that! He is everything, all we ever would need. He desires for you to draw near to Him, and He will draw near to you. He promises good for those that love Him.

He doesn’t promise a cushy lifestyle, but an everlasting hope and joy that is only found in Him. Though there are present sufferings, they pale in comparison to the magnitude of what He has to come. He gave us a hope for a future through His Word. Strip everything away, because that has to be our first hope. And what leaves me in complete awe is, that hope can never be taken away from us. Our God isn’t dead. He died on the cross so that we can be cleansed and have hope in Him for eternity right by His side! Can’t we see that though this earth has nothing for us, He has everything? What are our lives in light of eternity, let alone what we are going through at this present moment? We are like specks, dust intermingling with the sands drifting in an ocean of His love. We are small, but He still envelops each one of us with all of His love! How much hope can be found in that!

We have a God that desires to love us and to care for us! No other god can claim that, even Allah with his 99 names. He does not possess love. God alone possesses that name. It’s the reason we have been created. We have been created by Love for love. We have been made love Him first and by that love love others as dearly and desperately as we do Him. We do that because He first loved us. He gives us so much hope in His love, and so much more! It is beyond what we can ever ask or imagine, so much more than we can think to fathom, and a whole lot more.

How can we still resist His love and run away from something so marvelous? There is no fear in His love, no worry of Him hurting you or wronging you. He will take care of you, you are His CHILD! What good parent doesn’t care for and want the absolute best for their children, even if at times discipline? If you are going through a time of discipline, remember that God is your FATHER. He isn’t allowing you to go through things just because He doesn’t like you, but rather so He can see you grow from it and make you into who you need to be. He wants to see you grow and prosper through the power of His Son. Who can say that God doesn’t want the best for us or doesn’t love us?

For even the hard times bring us to something new and beautiful in the end, even if that means we find our reward in eternity. It is promised to us. Our reward is with Him in heaven. What better hope have we than that? We don’t have to worry about it being stolen and taken away from us, or perishing in a disaster. He has us firm in His hands, because simply put, He loves us, and always will for His love is perfect.

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