A psalm from Psalms

God will deliver, for He is our deliverer.

My soul cries out to You
My soul languishes for You
God will You deliver me?
Will you see the through?

My bones ache as an old man
My years are not many
God will you restore marrow to my bones?
And restore blood coursing through my veins?

I have sought You with an earnest heart
Run hard the race that You set before me
When will I see my next step?
When will I not stumble?

I have desired and loved Your precepts
I have delighted in the words of Your Law
When will You hear my cries?
When will You attend to the voice of Your servant?

I will continue to seek You all my days
Even if I burn in the furnace I will follow You
Who is like you oh LORD of Hosts?
Who can compare to the vastness of Your expanse?

I will run hard after You at whatever cost
I dare to even live my life as a dead man for Your sake
For who can deliver like You can?
Who can rescue from the snare like You?

My heart languishes for You my Father
Hear the voice of Your servant and deliver
For who deserves more praise from men and angels?
Who deserves more honor and glory than the One who designed atom and galaxy?

You have granted Your servant peace at heart
As the mountains rise around me so may my praises rise from my heart to You
For how can I praise You more Jehovah Nissi?
Who is more righteous than Jehovah Jireh?

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