Modern-day Prophets

A lot of people bash Christian music because of it’s lack of umph, style, and musical ability. While some of that may be true, they also forget those artists out there that aren’t out for the show with the Christian genre tag over their heads. They are the ones who are gifted by God in music. Now to my point.

Have you really listened to the lyrics of the songs? Have you heard the many melodies crying out to our generation that we seek God and His holiness? Does it just get lost or forgotten? I can name off many artists who I believe God is using to call this generation to His side so that He can use us. Starfield, Shawn McDonald, Jeremy Camp, Leeland, Enter the Worship Circle, Misty Edwards, Switchfoot, and any other artist who genuinely seeks to follow God in the way they play their music. I’m sure those reading can list off more who call us similarly. Please do so.

Think about this: these are in our mainstream culture. They have the ability through music to reach vast multitudes – similar to the prophet standing on the hill calling the people to love their Lord their God with all of their heart, minds, and souls. In a similar way, God is using our modern-day Christian artists to call us to Him by the masses. The range is as vast as the musical genres that exist – from rock to reggae, from gospel to rap, from screamo to you name it. Most every one’s taste can be effected by those who God has anointed with talent to sing and preach His words. They are speaking His words in unison, calling everyone from every walk to come to the knowledge of God and His character.

It’s just a brief note on a brief thought, but it is an interesting thought. I think they are part of the people that God is using to reach the masses just like the prophets of old. The call is still the same – holiness in the sight of our God.

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