My yoke is easy and My burden is light

In lieu of everything I’ve been through recently, I’ve come to the question of why me, and why so difficult? I thought the Christian life was supposed to be ‘easy’ or ‘easier’ as the above verse may imply. I’ve realized just like a lot of things in the Christian life, there are paradoxes. This is one of them. Let me explain.

This period of my life has been the most difficult I’ve faced in my short 20 year span. I’ve faced more than I ever dreamed I would from every walk of my life. Most of the road I’ve traveled thus far has been nothing but difficulty in every area I could imagine, and also more stress than I ever dreamed that I would have to face. There is one side.

Here is the other: my burden is still light. See heres the thing, I’ve grown in my relationship with God. That translates into trust, faith, and complete dependence on Him. Oddly enough through some people’s eyes, when I decided I was following Him without looking back my life got the most difficult. Now translate life circumstances without having Him and my relationship with Him. I would have literally gone crazy. Comparatively in a sense too, my burden is light compared to not having Jesus bear this load with me. I can’t imagine doing this on my own without Him sharing my burden with me. There is no way I could, and I don’t want to imagine what would happen if I wasn’t.

The cool thing is, I’m pulling way more than I would have previously imagined. Lets guestimate here. Lets say that one ox pulls 500lbs of weight on its own. How much can two oxen pull? The number actually isn’t 1000lbs. It’s actually around 1500-2000 pounds. How does this work? It’s because the animals are working together and they can pull much more together than when they could when they were on their own. It works the same way when we are yoked with Jesus. I know I can take a decent amount to pull, but looking back at how much I’ve pulled I know He’s been with me giving me the strength to pull more as well as Him doing this with me. And when I’ve wanted to give up, He’s pulled me through it. I’m tired, but it’s amazing to look back and see that dynamic.

Just a simple thought and a simple note. Just remember, your situation may be tough, but don’t forget that Jesus is right there with you helping you bear your yoke. Look over and see that He is right there with you and keep pressing on with Him.

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