Our Heart

Ever wonder why we are told to ask Jesus into our hearts? Why does Scripture talk about our hearts?

Think what the heart does – it pumps life-giving blood throughout the whole body so that we can think, our organs have life, and we can perform actions. Without our heart beating, we are dead. Our hearts can be weak and they can be strong. With exercise, our heart grows stronger. Without exercise, and without much exercise our heart will actually have to labor pumping blood to the body. I could go on with this example, but I’ll leave it as is.

Now think about Jesus being in your heart. So cliche right? Yup, it is these days, but we forget the reason why our Creator designed us with that central organ. We can view it this way, it is God (viewed through the Trinity) who supplies all that we need as the body of Christ. He keeps us healthy and going, and moving. He is our heartbeat so to speak. Without Him in us, we are dead in our transgressions and cannot be saved by our works, but by grace through faith we are saved by the power of Christ.

We can look at this way too – if we are not exercising ourselves in the Word, through prayer, and serving God, then we become very unhealthy in our faith. It is hard for us to truly live our life as a Christian if we are not exercising ourselves properly in the faith that God has supplied to us.

A simple food for thought, and I’m sure more has been written by writers better than I 🙂

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