A time like this

Bitter wounds bring blood to my feet
My heart wants to cease to beat
Of all the pain I could go through none is worse than yours

Ceaseless hours spent in tears
Pain oozing through my fears
I’m hurting so much on the inside I’m shutting open doors

Lies are like pieces of shattered glass
Ceasing time within me to pass
I can’t go on when the pain within me keeps me on the floor

Father I can’t even run to You
I feel so helpless how can You use
Someone so undeserving like me who can’t see who you are

Father lift my eyes to see
Grace for someone like me
My heart is shattered from within and without deep to the core

Father let the sun begin to rise
As You begin to lift my weary eyes
To the place where You have magnificent promises in store

I can’t go on much longer like this
I need only You in a time like this
Jesus holy Son of God may You be the only one that I now adore

“My favor has never left you
“Even though it seems not true
“I will never leave or forsake you, for you My wounds on the cross I bore”

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