I am a man

This was adapted from Lamentations 3, check it out and find hope in Him who is our Only.

I am a man
Who has seen affliction
Driven and brought into darkness
My heart is languished

I have lost everything
What I held dear
What pleased my soul
I sit in silence

Besieged and enveloped
By bitterness and tribulation
I dwelt in darkness
In walls I could not escape

My chains were heavy,
Hewed in with heavy stones
Paths bent in every direction,
I called out to silence

I sat in fear
Waiting for one like a lion, or like a bear
Desolate I became
And a laughingstock

I heard their jeers
Filled with bitterness
Cowered in my ashes
My soul forgot peace

My endurance perished
With my hope from my God
I always remembered my afflictions,
How I wander

Yet I call this to mind
Hope that can’t be taken away
Of unfailing love never ceasing
Of mercies never-ending

The Lord is my portion
I will hope in Him
Great is His faithfulness,
Good to those who wait for Him

Seek the Lord
Wait quietly for His salvation
He will not cast you off forever
Though He causes grief

He will have compassion
According to the abundance
Of His steadfast love
He does not willingly afflict

Who has spoken
And it has come to pass
Unless our God has commanded it
Is it not from the mouth of the Most High

Why should a living man
Complain about the punishment of his sins
Let us test and examine our ways
Return to the Lord our God

Lift up your hearts and hands
Towards God in heaven
Do not close your ear to cry for My help!
Do not fear!

You have taken up my cause
Oh God of my salvation
You have redeemed my life
And rescued me from my sins

I will hope in You forever
Your unshakable promises
Never fail always standing
As Your word forever

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