Love unreturned

Tonight we talked about passion. I was asked what it was. Looking back on my night, it had evoked deep passion in me. I wanted to give so much more than could be received. What I wanted to give could not be taken at this time or it was going to be rejected as it has been for a while now. I was able to give a little, but I wanted to give SOO much more. I wanted to give everything I had to show how much I cared. Yet I couldn’t. It was so incredibly frustrating. I wanted to give so much, and yet always face rejection. A little window is given, only for it to be left cracked. Sometimes it gets fully shut. Talk about getting stuffy!

This leads me into what I realized what His passion is more deeply. His passion is us, it is us so deeply. We are the ones who reject Him with our sin when all He wants to do is love us. He has done everything He can to show us love, and we turn it away or ignore it. He longs for us to return our love to Him. He wants to lead us with cords of kindness and bonds of His love. His heart is turned with Him and all His compassions are kindled. He wants us to enjoy the wonders of His love, to experience freedom through Him instead of the slavery to sin and bondage that we hold ourselves to. We want death more than life. God wants us to open the window completely, don’t leave it partway open. Open up your heart completely to Him. Love Him and allow Him to love you. He desires with much passion to do just that. You are His child. What good father does not love his children? He is always there for you, and is there to come along side you when you make a mistake. He is there to comfort you. He wants so much to express all of this to you, allow Him to!

Read Hosea 11 🙂

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