To Follow You

I have so much passion, I just want to let it out
This fire in my bones will not cease
Burning in my soul aches me deep
I cannot escape, I don’t want do do without

Oh Lord to know what to do with all my passion
I have so much, with little place to vent
Oh God how my soul won’t seem to relent
I want to show the world love and compassion

I want to follow You God, to live all my days
Seeking Your beautiful picture of love
Shown in the wonder of a cross
Oh God to show this passion, to live in all Your ways

What words do I write, what do they even mean
Can they even express what I feel deep down
Words describing the God of the universe
Who lives in my heart, a thought so extreme

What do I do now, but put words on a page
Desperately yearning to express what I can’t
Your words on a page can’t describe I AM
Live your life after Me, until the end of the age

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