The Best Thing

I have a feeling of fear without You here
My mind is a mess, my soul is at a loss
Feelings of fear grate within my heart at a growing rate
I just want to express how I’m just paralyzed

Have I done wrong, sung the wrong song
Left myself out to fall through the steps of a rope bridge
The sinking feeling of beginning to fall envelops
The scream within beginning to develop

Fear rips at the underpinnings of my soul
Tearing across the landscape causing tears to roll
No, no what have I to fear why should I run
Days to eternity have only just begun

Where is rest from my soul from what haunts me today
Seeking somewhere else all the time for my soul to stay
All the wrong places left with nothing else to say
Speechless I’ve come to where You want my head to lay

Fear grates me leaving a sinking feeling
Though my soul will yes at times be reeling
Father in Your hands, yes, my soul will be resting
In Your will and in Your control I’ve found the best thing

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