The Perfect Storm

I’ve turned my rudder towards ominous clouds
Locked the wheel
Unknowingly sailing along with the crowds

Below lie creatures without form
Gnashing sharp teeth
And waiting for the perfect storm

The ocean begins to roll and boil
Storms are coming
Within the captain’s soul is now in turmoil

Waves are now crashing over the sides
The perfect storm
Rain meets ocean as boiling waters collide

Who can save us from this storm now
The captain wonders
The water crashes against the bow

Is a shipwreck of faith lurking in the rocks below
Reefs all around
Because a promising faith ceases to grow

Rescue me from this vessel of death
The captain cries
I realize now that You’re the only thing I have left

Peace be still the ocean softly lies
The Savior walks
Lo here am I, I have heard your cries

Give me the rudder away from reefs I’ll guide
You are Mine
Please in My arms rest inside

I know you’ve almost suffered a shipwreck of faith
The Redeemer says
But remember I’ve taken your case

Scars on My hands feet side and from thorns on my brow
He already awaits
My child stay with me before waters again crash on your bow

It’s not too late to turn your ship around
I’ll be here
Your cries in my heart surely resound

I will always love you to the end of the day
Always forever
For you know My words in heaven and earth will always stay

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