My life has been a journey. I’m sure everyone who’s been alive can attest to that. Some people’s journeys are easier than others, and some are much much harder. I’d say mine’s been on the easier side comparably, if I were to compare. I think regardless, most people have been through some sort of hardship. I know I’ve been through more than I’ve wanted to in my short time here on earth. But what I’ve realized for myself and in my relationship to God is those times drive me to God. I cannot go on during those times and make it out remotely good without Him being there for me and guiding me through it all. It is now almost reactionary to face a tough time or a trying time where I am going through pain or a situation where I need to figure something important out to go to God with all I have and forsake everything else. I’ve been taught that fairly well so far (of course with much more learning to go).

What I’ve been missing is another good chunk of life, where life is just life. Sure, things go wrong and everyone has their bad days, but there isn’t something that is pressing me towards God other than my desire and discipline to stay on my relationship with God. Like almost all that I’ve learned and all that I’ve had to go through, I’ve had to learn this the hard way and I’m still learning. I’m learning to seek God with all of I am during the easy times, which for most people including myself that is the hardest time. We have ‘no reason’ to seek Him because everything’s going pretty much dandy in our lives. There isn’t that pressure there to keep us pressed into God. When that pressure released for me, my relationship with God plateaued and then eventually spiraled down into almost oblivion because I wasn’t putting in what I was and should have been. Satan seized the opportunity to shoot me down and wound me.

It’s by God’s grace, love, and just pure awesomeness that I am able to even write this. He showed me the same love and compassion that He showed me in those trying times when I was in a lot of pain and confused. It was the same when I was scared out of my mind and needed His direction. It’s the same now when there aren’t as many pertinent pressing issues that I have to go through or decide on immediately. It’s the same when I mess up and sin against Him.

This time that I’m in, this ‘easy time’ if you want to call it that, now is the time that I have to make conscious decisions to follow God, to be in His Word, and to hear His voice. If I don’t and only run to Him during the hard times, I’m just a reactionary Christian that can’t fully function during my life because I need those difficult times to press into God. What will define me, and define you as well just as much if not more than how you react in the hard times, is when times are ‘easy.’ Will we still choose to be disciplined in our lifestyles and our relationships with Him, to constantly seek Him with all that we are, just the same as when we would when something is amiss in our lives? God wants His children to be consciously loving Him and obeying His word in a relationship with Him through the blood of His Son that He, in love, sent to die a shameful bloody death on the cross for US. He made a conscious decision for us, and He is God. Let us make our entire life one conscious decision one after another to follow Him. And if we mess up, keep getting back up willing to improve on our mistakes operating under the love and grace He has shown us on the cross, making us the children of God that we are.

Satan does not want us to operate this way, He wants us to be focused on how we’ve messed up and how worthless we are because of our sins. He wants our guilt over our sins to turn into ourselves beating ourselves up over our sin. When it comes to that point, he doesn’t even have to do much anymore because he’s tricked us into doing what he was, which is destroying ourselves. Our identity is still secured in Christ, and not in our sins. We aren’t defined by our mistakes or what we’ve done in the past that’s been terribly wrong. In Christ, we’ve been made into new creations to glorify God. Our past, present, and even future sins have been washed away by the blood of the Lamb. Christ took our sin upon Himself so that we could be in relationship with Him. In Him, we now find our worth because of the grace and love He has shown us on the cross. He has made us into new men and women, with hope borne in us at the cross that carries our eyes to look towards eternity instead of our present circumstances. Our goals are no longer short term gains of the present and of the flesh, but now of the Spirit and towards eternity. Knowing this, let our day to day decisions reflect the knowledge of our identity in Him. Christ has secured our victory as the Lion of the Tribe of Judah. He didn’t give up on or before the cross and didn’t give up on us when we’ve sinned against Him. Like a valliant warrior, He keeps fighting for us interceding for us on our behalf before God. Let us with the same zeal also fight like warriors facing our battles during our day to day lives and in pain and toil. When we’ve been beaten down and bloodied, let us keep fighting on. When we’ve slipped and fell into the mud making fools of ourselves, let us, instead of turning to beat ourselves up, with determination keep getting up willing to learn from our mistakes and keep our eyes on the Lion of the Tribe of Judah. As warriors training for battle, let’s train during the easy peaceful days just as much as we would weeks before a big battle.

I know I’ve said a lot, and probably more than I was planning to, but I pray this has made sense. I’m still learning and I will be until I’m with Him in eternity, but I will always keep seeking after Him no matter the mistakes I make. As I go on, hopefully I’ll keep making less. I hope I can have even more than I know about or could imagine in this journey with me. For those that have been there with me through it all thus far, I thank you from the bottom of my heart and sticking with me through it all. I thank God for those He has put in my life to build me up and just be my friends.

Keep seeking Him with all that you are, and keep getting up with His strength after being pressed down and when you fall down. 

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