There is a massive battle occurring over the plains and mountains of our minds. We have faced many long hard battles in snow and mud, sometimes involving us as young as the fertilized egg in our mother’s womb. Our mothers are tempted to steal for her unborn child, drink alcohol, take drugs, eat unhealthily, encounter stress loads beyond what is good for her body, and many other things that she desires for herself; she can get sick with disease, have an accident, face insurmountable trials, poverty, and some may face the desire for an abortion to be rid of their ‘problem.’

The ‘general’ on the other side not only wants people deceived, but weakened by their own choices and attacked from their conception to the day they die. He gains small ‘victories’ yes, but he still remains but a soldier to our Almighty God.

Knowing this, battered, bleeding, and weeping because of our past choices and losses, we will not be overcome. We shall continue to live on and fight. No matter what we will face in this life – sickness, temptations, accidents, mistakes, losses; the war was won over 2000 years ago by a Man, sent as a servant to die on a battered heavy wooden cross for our sins – having faced even the ultimate temptation to save His own life at the cost of His friends. He did not stand down, rather, he laid down on the cross and had stakes pounded into his hands and feet. With a crown of thorns on His head, He died the death of a Roman criminal. Before He died, He asked for forgiveness for His Roman torturers.

In three days, He took His life up again, appeared to men yet again, and is now seated at the right hand of the Almighty God. In love He destroyed the works of the Evil One, liberating us from the bonds of oppression of this world. He has given us freedom to follow Him in His steps.

Through His power alone, the battle for our mind was won on that day. Now, through Him, the mountains and plains of all of Satan’s battlefields are won. We are given the strength to fight through them having no fear, not even of fear itself, but of Almighty God alone. Our victory and futures are secured – no matter the trail, temptation, sickness, disease, sexual temptations and oppression, and whatever else is thrown our way. We may make mistakes and become battered and beaten, but we will always get back up with our eyes on our Savior knowing the battle has been won. We operate on His grace, love, and mercy – not our past or our mistakes. Our future is secured in Him because He is our future.

We will stand at the real beginning of our days, those of eternity with Him, after Satan is cast with his demons into the outer darkness of hell. We will worship the One who created us along with our brothers and sisters who made it through the same fight we did, and marveling at the face of Jesus. Our hope and future are secured in Him. Who can stand against? We praise You God for what You have done. All glory is yours forever and ever. Thank You for Your magnificent sacrificial love. We praise You and worship You through our lives and love – forever and ever. Amen.

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