There are times when I don’t know
If I can go through this yet again
There are times that I wonder
If I’ll drown in the water licking at the bow

There are times when my faith is weak
I’m not sure if I can hold out for tomorrow
There are times that I look to the skies
Wondering if the God is there that I seek

There are times when I’m simply exhausted
Sick in mind and sick in body
There are times that I feel like
The end to my time here I’ve lost it

There are times yes again and again
Where I simply don’t know
There are times when knowledge
Of my emotions ceases from where they began

Times are tough and times are busy
My finite knowledge ceases to conquer
Times that are beyond my capacity to comprehend
Through the night my mind stays busy

Times, yet, offer offer opportunity for redemption
Taking this precious thing that we have little here on earth
Time extending now and through grace for eternity
Love shown to us minute by minute beyond comprehension

Times can surely be unsure for long amounts
Seeming to never end despite our best efforts
Time showing us plans of hope for a future
And that in Him our lives surely count

Times, yeah can be completely unsure or painful. No matter the circumstance, God is bigger than the time that binds us to this earth and to what we face. He is mighty and strong, God who created the universe and time around us, and can surely help us through healing us throughout the process. It may take some time, yes. He promises good things for those that love Him, and those good things will come. Some may have to wait for the ultimate good of being in heaven with Jesus, but this is the awesome hope we have. No matter how much time or how much pushes against us stripping away what we have on this earth, we still have hope for eternity through Christ. This is a hope that can never be destroyed, and through all things including the vastness of time, this is our ultimate hope and promise.

Times, By Tenth Avenue North

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