Meditating on God

This is brief and non-comprehensive, but I’ve found today meditating simply on who God is is so refreshing. I’ve more or less been forced to do it for ~6 hours today (same-ish tomorrow) to get ready for Senior Orals, it started off as stressful and humbling because I thought I knew more than I did. As I began to go through and dig through old notes and Scripture I began to get excited, not sure why other than I understand Him better and His Word illuminates the dark places of our hearts. Otherwise, I have a lot of pressure ensuing at 3pm tomorrow, so I’m happy to be a little excited for it.

Basic doctrinal tenants are refreshing to know, so that when other things get in the way or we are attacked by Satan we have something to stand on. I think being strong on doctrine and refreshing often is more important than we give credit. It’s more than not being a heretic, but flourishing under the knowledge of knowing who God really is, why we serve Him, what He’s done for us, what we are to do in response to His gift, and the hope that we have for the future because of His love for us.

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