I’m just a preon and you’re the Singularity
Space and time bend for eternity
I’ve crossed the event horizon
Bound by the gravity of Your righteousness
Drawn by the force of Your love
Entropy that can never decrease

I’m just a man that’s held together by laminin
Hands covered with blood in their sin
Heart raised because of faithfulness
Sinews cover a body with blood rushing
Muscles relaxed and bent kneeling
Who knew love could be so freeing

I want to radiate the eternity of who You are
Like a jet of fire reaching out into space
So that all can see the beauty of Your face
All of my family making one body
Meant to glorify you because of grace
The one awesome God of the universe

Who can fathom the magnitude of You
Infinite, omniscient, all glory and power in One
Who can behold your glory until we’re new
Righteous, just, love coming from the Son
Who can escape from Your love
Sacrificing, ravishing, consuming making us come undone

Triune God who made preon and sun
Spoken in a single breath
Who can fathom the power in Your death
Stripped us all of what we had left
Leaving us only to be drawn to that horizon
Eternally consumed by the kindness of Your love

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