Don’t wait to be the man or woman of God you’re meant to be

What does this question mean?

Basically to be above reproach now in whatever we do instead of waiting for the ministry that God has called us to… whether that is marriage, service in some form, or just general life. We can’t think for example that we’ll straighten up our lives once someone comes around, and then we’ll straighten it up once we’re married. Such thinking is parasitic and dangerous. If we do it now we love our future spouse and God now. The same goes for the service we do – do it now as if we are being scrutinized by our dream boss. If we work and live lazy and think we can fix what we know is wrong later, then when is that later ever going to come? The cycle has to be broken now, we are called to live with the attitude and belief that His kingdom is here and His return inevitable. If we live the opposite, our actions reflect our beliefs (Luke 6:35).

This doesn’t mean that we’re perfect, but living like Micah 7:7-9 and 1 Cor. 9:24-27. Take note that every athlete exercises control in all things. He runs so that he will not be disqualified, striving to win a race where only one can be crowned the victor. This is the attitude we’re supposed to have and what I was hinting at in this status. It’s easy to think we can be satisfied with who we are now and to make changes in our lives only when we have to. From an athlete’s perspective it’s like saying she’ll continue to eat McDonalds and still trying to run until she has a heart attack. It’s like a soldier training for war. He does his best to learn from the best so that when inevitably the day comes that he is on the battlefield he will fight well because he has disciplined himself in training beforehand. Your husband (or wife if you’re someone else reading this) will appreciate your pursuit of holiness now (he should!) with your heart hidden in God. If you never marry, then your heart is already hidden and ravished by your Lover and you’re free to do as He pleases.

Thanks Tiffany for asking about this! I figured I’d share a little more officially 🙂

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