I imagine fiery, broken determination in the eyes of someone like one of the disciples. Weathered visages lit up by a pair of eyes sparkling in love meet yours, and you know it’s because they had stood up to opposition against their radical Message. What they had seen they could now never deny, and that’s what gave them life when Death sought to silence their Message. Their hearts were at peace in His control, but their spirits groaned within them for those around them to know the true life they had found. Opposition had produced silent, true determination. They were known not because of who they were, but Who they stood for. They didn’t stand for a flag of a nation, a new idea, another prophet or leader, their past traditions, or anything of this world. They lived to Christ, and death was only gain.







Like them, we are few. I also imagine by the time we are aged, we may look the same. We will have stories to tell our grandchildren of the powerful movement of Almighty God in our lives. They were twelve, and we are another generation in the span of thousands. How many we are doesn’t change how we live or our lifestyles. Just as Jesus fed thousands with loaves of bread and fish, so can He bring a harvest with those that desire to dine at His banquet. This generation has the opportunity to be a part of a harvest sown by those who would never see fruit, who brought their caskets with them in anticipation of seeing their service to Him to the end. We, like them, have also been blessed with that same beautifully dedicated life. We will live to Christ, and death will be our gain.

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