The Enemy

The Enemy

You’re probably pretty in your lies and deceit
Enticing with dresses and winks of the eye
I know in your heart you wish I would die

You most likely know my weakest points
And enjoy pricking my most vulnerable
To see my heart lain open on a table

You watch my every step and motion
Looking at how I carry myself in my ways
Seeking to trip me up at the end of my days

You look at my face wince in reaction
To your words of cursing my very life
Making me think I haven’t got a fight

You attack my friends and family constantly
Probing with darkness among all of whom I love
Stabbing with hurt and pain simply just because

You lead sheep astray with no shepherd in the night
Pretending to be light and truth with everything right
In the end they wake up and realize their days were blight

Your ways lead to hopelessness and despair
Promises of wealth end up answered as poverty
We are thought of as nothing more than your property

All you do is to seek what you don’t have
Murder creation that came from Someone good
And destroy ships of hope leaving nothing but floating wood

I know there is some truth in what you say
How I’m weak and without someone I’m in peril
Naked and alone and cold without any apparel

Yet I know someone who became an Advocate
Who answered to all your sniveling lies
By being nailed on a cross in which He died

I know He is the one that is good
And we are much more than possessions
I know you didn’t die for our transgressions

There is One that loves me above all else
Who takes me in and clothes me when I’m weak
Who gives me food and drink when I can’t speak

And when I wake He knows the words I try to utter
Trying to thank Him knowing my vast imperfections
And He tells me I can do the same even resurrection

That He is the perfect answer to darkness
Light that has overcome and sealed the fate of the black
A shelter in the storm of the night when Satan attacks

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