The Disaffection

It’s funny how life seems disconnected
Looking at a screen watching my friends
Wondering where they were how they’ve been
Doesn’t matter where we are now we’re connected

Yet there still that strange disconnection
Many stories and pictures can’t put together
What’s happening outside isn’t online weather
Nothing in this world can help the disaffection

Feeling alienated and estranged once again
Always living in places I don’t quite belong
Ever looking for a home where I really belong
But knowing I’ll keep coming back to where I began

It’s interesting to see where life goes
Where it leads you and where you will be
What from the Master’s eyes you will see
How He’s there for us through joy and woe

Beginning in one place and ending in another
Same cycle of life but thankfully there’s hope
Light guiding instead of darkness in which to grope
Love that extends its hand closer than any brother

Love has a home thankfully beyond what we see
A place where disaffection is dispelled with identity
A place where connection is really for eternity
Mercy, grace, power, affection given by no one greater than He

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