Not Here

Fear of not knowing what is going on
Where life is going to lead
Whether I’ll laugh or bleed

Storms are coming, brewing, growing
Seeking to tear me away
Thundering for hope to fray

It seems again same things happen
Is life like this so cyclical
Am I just this cynical

To what end do these things make
Is it joy or sanctification
Another folly in imagination

It’s all and the only thing that I can do
To keep my sights on heaven
To dine on bread unleavened

Desire to keep my focus solely on You
Delight in what’s true
Joy in my life made new

An immense war is being waged in my soul
Danger of not knowing
Contentedness of what’s showing

Can I be satisfied that I’ll never be enlightened
Whether bad or good
If I’ve never understood

In the end I’ll just have to say yes and continue
Trusting, hoping, praying
He in my life is staying

I know the heavens rise above me beyond imagination
Earth in it’s mountains seem so low
Yet everything in both He knows

This, yes, this is what I can trust and with which
I will be content
I will be content
In His love
I’m promised a reward
Not here for good or bad

If all my efforts look
To be in vain
And hope for fruit
Vanishes in a downpour of rain

I know I’ll finally come to a place
Where my heart is satisfied
My soul is at home
And my every effort was justified

The promise of a great treasure
Lain at my feet by the Greatest
Saying well done my faithful one
Now your soul can finally be at rest

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