I keep running myself into walls
I fail to simply walk
Everytime I lay myself out on my back
You are there stretching out Your hand

I don’t understand why
This crazy love that haunts
Like a Ghost that doesn’t leave
Why it keeps extending such grace

To one who so often fails
In running his race
To who’s heart is winter
You extend Your summer
To the dispicable
You sacrificed the Indespensable

I feel my evil

I am weak

Can You help someone
So incompetent and clumsy
One to whom You’ve entrusted
The news of chains busted

This cycle of guilt and hate continues
Boiling up and destroying every sinew
We’ve, I’ve no hope
This cycle it can’t be won
By guilt I’m left undone

Be the light in my heart
Help me to overcome
So many things I don’t understand
They run as many as Sahara’s sand
I pray for wisdom from a single mind
For truths about You to unwind

Will I lie defeated before Your throne
Or will I kneel in front of the
One who enabled me to overcome
Who gave me breath
That defeated my impending death

My heart is crying out its final desperate song
I’m afraid I’m going to join the throng
As it sings its opening melody
You come in and rescue me
Grace that extended beyond
Where light has ever gone
Love that would overcome
That blackest hole
Mercy that shelters better
Than the best ocean shoal

The essence of the greatest
And only holy God
Is who He really is

We so often miss
That the meaning of greatness
Is surpassed by this great love of His

My imperfect poetry
Cannot describe what I cannot see
Him who’s ways are higher than the sun
In the evil man the battle He’s won
You who preserves the life of His saints
In whom You have sewn the light
And joy in the upright

You are my Salvation

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