Awake my Soul

A short little muse for the morning. I all too often want to hit my snooze button until the last possible second until I have to get ready and rush out the door to be on time somewhere. I want to get as many minutes of sleep as I can, even if I happen to wake up before my alarm like this morning. I simply went back to sleep and kept hitting snooze. I also went out the door hungry, and to ease the blow I guzzled some orange juice before swooshing out the door into the truck. I also happened to listen to “Awake my Soul” by Mumford and Sons this morning as I was getting ready. On my way back home from my errand, these thoughts came into my mind.

Isn’t this how we live our lives spiritually? Don’t we wait until the last possible second to wake up to what’s going on in our lives? Do we not choose to sleep through the alarms that are sometimes blaring, and sometimes more gentle… but alarms still serve their purpose. That is that we be awoken. I am clearly and evidently guilty of sleeping in until the last possible second. Afterall, I can tell you story after story how God has slapped me awake because I waited too long. As a result, too many times in my life I learn the hard way. Does it really have to be like this? Do I have to wait until the last second, only to be man-handled out of bed because I’m too lazy or love sleep to much? God forbid! Thankfully, this is something that can change with self-control and discipline. Two words I’ve also been lacking. Again, thankfully this is something that can change by repenting (turning away from something and turning TO Christ) trusting Him that He is the faithful one who loves me no matter my sins or mistakes. We don’t have to wait until the last second, we can begin living right now.

So then, let us not be like others, who are asleep, but let us be awake and sober.
— 1 Thessalonians 5:6

Awake my Soul by Mumford and Sons

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