The way of the Savior

When nights come and go, the star-filled sky gets filtered by trees
Clouds come and go, just like those arbors swayed by the breeze
Time simply passes as it does, as do His unfailing actions of love

Ceasing being trivial is something, yea something I desire
Lovers talk about appearances, I want love like a fire
An earnest furnace stoked by the ardor of heaven

Love ceases as feelings decrease, so this word is called
How small a matter it seems to them, when so much more can befall
Love is an action and a word without which I’d be simply clanging cymbals

Do you really see what I’m getting at, these words in my heart really don’t belie?
I want love to come from my feet, not from my lips where they’ll surely eventually lie
Having a reservoir not of myself because I’ll always fail without One to intercede

I want to only desire only One, before all else I’m overjoyed to begin to say
You see this is the way of course it has to be, Love from which we’ll have to draw each day
A mighty picture of beauty displayed for all to see just like the Lover and His Bride

With all of this said and all, I don’t want to show you love like one who loves the law
Seeking only to be spiritual out of duty, ‘loving’ anyone in the same manner the tower will fall
Yes love real and deep, powerful and gracious, merciful and faithful, consistent and honoring
Protecting your heart as if it was made of glass, yet as with fire challenging and true to make it truly last
Reflecting the way of the Savior

So here I am completing thoughts, giving you the completion of a message
Something I cannot simply do, is to love you or myself simply by looking on earthly visage
But to love you more in a better way in such a way as I have been loved
The way of the Savior

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