He is faithful

When you want to give up
Move onto something easier
Remember He who called you
He is faithful, faithful

When time is running out
All hope slowly evaporates
Remember He who provides
He is faithful, faithful

When things won’t turn around
Mundane pervades the everyday
Remember He brings you through
He is faithful, faithful

When you doubt His promises
Your failure takes the forefront
Remember the ones unbroken
He is faithful, faithful

When the future is uncertain
Tomorrow lacks definition
Remember who created time
He’s faithful, faithful

When love feels its waxing
Your care seems like a bygone
Remember who is Love
He is faithful, faithful

When the universe is you
Selfishness is first nature
Remember who is selfless
He is faithful, faithful

Faithful – Shawn McDonald

11 thoughts on “He is faithful

  1. just wanted to let you know that I’ve been following your posts for a while now, and they’ve really been helping me a lot. thanks!

  2. Late last year I was going through a very rough time. Been struggling with my sexuality for a while now. I just felt like God told me to get online and begin searching. Didn’t know what I was searching for. As I was looking up verses and words of wisdom, I came across your blog. I started reading and it felt as if God was speaking to me through you; been following your posts ever since. I hope that’s okay, didn’t mean to intrude. I have an account but I’m using this id to protect my real id; hope that’s okay.

  3. Wow, I’m humbled. For a while, I rarely posted anything on here because everything I post is usually on Facebook (hence my recent update binge!). I didn’t guess that many people really read this, it was more of a resource for me to keep things in one place. It’s encouraging, and again humbling and a wake up call that I need to be paying more attention to this too. I’ve finally updated it and improved it… just awesome to see how God is using this.

    The real intentions of why I write or even have something separate from Facebook. I originally started writing to help people, because God had given me so much through the Bible studies I was going to. It had started off as just taking down notes, and He evolved my gift from there. Whatever I write pretty much in some form comes from Him. All that to say you’re not intruding. It honors and humbles me that God uses me to speak His words and encourage people. Thanks for being bold enough to fill me in. And I don’t mind you’re using a different id. Just glad you’re seeking His face and finding Him, however that happens!

  4. I am very grateful and honored that you are willing to share your gifts with us. I guess we all have our own issues to deal with. Wish I was brave enough to post here with my real ID, but you never know who’s looking. I am not ashamed of who I am as a person, but I just sometimes don’t know how to deal with lust and temptations; college life isn’t really helpful when dealing with sexual issues. Its as if sometimes I can’t hep be who I don’t want to be and do the things I don’t want to do. How can something so wrong make me feel so good.

  5. Yeah, I understand that. It makes it tough, but not impossible. That’s also the nature of sin.. it does feel good and it is temporarily satisfying. The problem is that it brings death. It hinders your relationship with God… and makes us feel guilty for long after the satisfaction has ended. Really not worth it. Being sustained in Christ, though tough at times is much, much more rewarding. If we keep our focus on not sinning, lusting, etc. our focus is going to be on the sin. We have to keep our eyes on Christ, so His work in us removes the desire to sin, even when we’re tempted. We’d rather feast on Christ and His goodness rather than sin.

  6. so very true; all the more guilt when we give in to lust. The things you say are things I have heard before, but somehow hearing (reading) it from you just for some reason makes it “click”. Not sure if I’m making any sense. If dealing with homosexual lust was hard enough when I was in high school, its ever more so now in college, especially a secular college. Sometimes I wonder why God puts us in situations where its even harder to fight. I know I’m being unfair, but I can’t help it.

  7. It’s all His work! I’m just the vessel for what He’s working in you. And that is truly awesome, encouraging, and cool to see!

    The thing is too, we have to be careful. I fell into a trap a couple of years ago, and let my guilt consume me and thought I was worthless, unfit to lead or do anything for God… much less belong to Him. Before that, through difficult circumstances I had a close relationship with Him.

    When God fulfilled His promises and the burdens of those circumstances began to lift, I drifted away from Him slowly during that time. Satan pounced on me in that context, ripping at my heart because when once I had been so close I was now so far. You can see the depths of despair that one can get in once you’ve entered that cycle. Don’t go there. Always remember His grace, even if you can’t understand it like me. It’s there, take it joyfully because it’s His gift to us.

    Christ’s sacrifice was one that covered ALL of our sin, past, present, and future. Not that we should, as Paul says, continue in sin. Rather he says, may that never be. Nor should it, so long as our focus remains on Him. If our focus is continuously on Christ, we won’t continue in sin. We will make mistakes, as we are still human and still on this earth. We will face temptations of various kinds, and that is because we are here. But we can take joy in the fact that no matter the situation we are in Christ has overcome, and has given us the chance to overcome with Him.

    I know it is difficult on you, because I’ve had my own dealings with sin and I still am. I’m not perfect, nor will I ever be until I am with Christ. What I have learned though is to keep getting up, keep reaching for Christ’s hand as He pulls you out of the mud. He has given us new robes of righteousness.

    Also, if you’re in the most difficult of situations, that will teach you valuable knowledge that will help you for the rest of your life. If you were in a situation that was easier, what happens when you come upon one much more difficult? As rough as it is, knowing that when I was going through what I was going through carried me. His sanctification is tough, but worth it!

    Praying for you man!

  8. Thank you so much! You have no idea how much of an encouragement you are! I was wondering if we could continue this conversation through email, that way I’m not taking over your posts; and also cause its hard for me to open up in such a public place. And if not, its all good, I’ll take whatever words of wisdom and encouragement I can get 🙂

    My email is johnabradfield@gmail.com

  9. You’re welcome! That’s fine by me. Until we get to the emails, check out a band called All the Sons and Daughters. They have some great worship music. I have them on repeat. 🙂

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