This stuff…

This has been rumbling around in my head since all this junk started…

This photo is NOT created by Chik-fil-a. Which brings up the question to me… however much we and/or Chik-fil-a may agree with what’s contained in the photo…

Should we (Christians) be participating in the further polarization concerning this issue? I’m sure this photo is only cute to Christians and a certain few who don’t believe. It seems to me that shoving our beliefs in their face only makes them angry and belligerent. Come to think of it, this form of evangelism (if you can even call it that) does much more harm and turns more people away from God than almost anything else. Why? Because we shove our (seemingly to them) hypocritical beliefs at them with no real depth in our lives to even back up the pie that we’ve just slung in their face. Pie sure is tasty, but not when you get a black eye from said pie over nice expensive clothes.

I’ve noticed Americans (being one myself) gravitate towards an item they can fight for and put all their hopes, dreams, and beliefs into that cause making intense verbal wars out of a company’s press statement. I have no problem with this photo, but knowing this company wants to BACK OUT of this political debate… are we helping them by sticking their logo on it and using their form of adverts to promote what we believe and what we think they believe? If it weren’t for the Constitution I wouldn’t hesitate to say that Boston wouldn’t be alone in banning this company from their cities because of their beliefs…. even then…

Another thing… instead of making cute signs that infuriate most of the non-believing population… live beside them, eat beside them, dream beside them, and show them what the love of God is really like.

I know some may disagree with me, but that’s your right. But that’s the point isn’t it? We both have our rights to disagree, but how we disagree will write a different story for the eternity of their lives.

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