This is me

This is me
I see my failures
More pungent than my successes
A continual blight in my life

They mar anything good I can see
The past comes back repeatedly
How can I see success, the future
I see sutures from my own wounds

Oh the pain they bring
Constantly oozing into every aspect
A self-perfectionist stuck in imperfection
Yet my heart only truly knows one direction

One that leads to grace
That keeps rising not saving face
It’s inevitably true I’ll always know failure
But eternally so I’ll know the meaning of grace

So thankful that You put the light in me
Because darkness is all I can see
What could have been
What will be

Father help my eyes turn from my wrong
And fix on Your healing righteousness
Turn this cacophony into a new song
To delight in You instead of success

I know my heart is worn and tired
Yet I will keep rising
And look to You as my vindication
I will not simply give up

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