My Lamp

Two narrow roads diverged in a wood
Both were narrow, where they went
That was not understood

Two narrow roads diverged in a wood
On as straight as an arrow and the other
It curved up from where I stood

Do I take one road equally as narrow
One straight, and the other not
Does one lead to sorrow

Is easy the road curving up out of sight
Is difficult staying where I am
Is resting my fight

Challenge thrilling is taking the way up into the dark
Logic says to aim for the arrow
If only I saw things as a lark

Father You see more than roads diverging
But one path converging
With hope in One emerging

Teach me to see more than narrow and straight
More than woods and trees
Than love and hate

Teach me wisdom more than seeing ahead
Give me willingness, yes this
To take what you choose instead

I don’t know what’s ahead when to leave
Steps I’ll take and ways I’ll go
Rain pours down the eaves

My feet bump into everything on this lonely street
Be my eyes, my vision, my hope
My lamp for my feet

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