We are in a generation and a time where we are seeking reality. Each seeks his own version, and each finds his own way. This is our way and we encourage each other to do the same. We are all living in a time of malcontent. Between what the government has done and what those have done in the past following our religions we have become cynical and angry. We want to find something better than what we see in the past. Better politics, better religion, this is what we search for. We want to find a better reality now than what has been the reality of the past.

Most of this searching for a better reality is a never-ending pipe dream. There is always something better, or someone wrong in their opinion about life’s current realities. This may be a pessimistic view (I’m usually optimistic), but it’s realistic. In the end, no matter how much we try to face our present reality, we will leave it when we die and take nothing with us to the grave. We can leave a better one for someone else, but they’ll inherit the same thing – emptiness in their tomb.

There is one reality that will not change, no matter the amount of time we give it or what happens in this world. It’s the realty of Jesus’ sacrifice so that our reality would be forever altered and eventually conformed into the image of God’s Son. The present reality of all our faults and failures are forgiven, and because of this sacrifice we are seen as we truly are and as everything we could be. Our inheritance is now in heaven where it can’t be taken away, or be destroyed. Our lives aren’t blighted by sin, but now forever washed clean so that we can spread the word of a new Reality. This new Reality is being a part Kingdom of God, and God desires for all to be in His Kingdom. And it’s coming.

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