A muse on selfishness

Don’t let selfishness fracture your character, your relationships with your friends, your relationships with your family. Life isn’t about us, but rather takes place outside and through us as vessels of love. Love is patient. love is kind. Love doesn’t envy. Love forgives. Love always hopes. Love perseveres. Above all, love never fails (verses from 1 cor. 13? paraphrased from my poor memory).

Selfishness and love are incompatible. Love builds, and selfishness destroys. Build your life, and don’t destroy it because you cannot see beyond the backs of your eyelids. Don’t let your motives bourne out of your selfishness become what the Gospel should be. Remember the story of the prodigal. He destroyed his life through selfishness. The story is also about the father. He could have been just as selfish and continued the cycle of destruction. Instead, he laid it aside and took on love. The Man who told this story bore all of our burdens in the most perfect display of love humanity has ever seen. He was the one who was ultimately selfless, showing humanity how it’s done. Since we have such a wonderful display, surely we have a picture to follow. We can begin to see beyond ourselves once we begin to look to our Example who is Love.

At some point, we have to let go of our feelings of unforgiveness. Yes, they may have hurt us. But keeping those feelings of resentment is selfish too. We feel like we have a right to harbor those feelings because they have committed the ultimate offense – trampling on our feelings and emotions. We deserve better we say.

Frankly, we truly deserve much worse. This isn’t to excuse anyone, but rather we are all crowded under one umbrella. That umbrella is sin and the root of that is selfishness. We cannot trust God to fulfill His role in our lives. Whether it’s the Healer, our Vindicator, our Provider, our Victory, our Peace, our Might, our Purifier, our Guide, our Righteousness, our Company, or simply the role of Yahweh Elohim of our lives, we have failed to allow God into certain areas of our lives because for some reason we want to keep that for ourselves. Selfishness.

Breaking free isn’t just about not sinning. In essence, it still is sin because we become our own righteousness bourne out of whatever law we claim to abide. It is about us turning our eyes outside of ourselves. It is about bringing the Kingdom here on earth, and showing its majesty to those around us.

The gospel isn’t a story of a self-centered man bent on revolution or becoming the center of a faction of a religion for personal gain. The Gospel is about a man who was selfless enough to take on everyone else’s selfishness so that through Him we may have true life apart from ourselves, and have it abundantly. In Him alone do we have this hope to live apart from ourselves, outside of the broken and decaying mess of who we really are. Praise Him that we can have such hope in a selfless man who is Jesus. Let us follow His example of love, and become active in His Kingdom.

1 thought on “A muse on selfishness

  1. So true! “Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us”. Probably the hardest lesson for us to learn; to not only forgive others but also to forgive ourselves.

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