Trust won’t bring dismay

Not sure if it’s hope
Or anticipation to fail
Excitement for tomorrow
Cynicism for a new day

Just when I think hope is on the horizon,
I’m subjugated to failure
Will this one be the same
Do I expect vanquishment along
With all the others

Building my contrivances from my own ashes
Only to be whisked away by the breeze
I’ve failed to see the Plan
Who truly puts my heart at ease

I will rise out of the ashes of my defeat
And declare this Plan has already succeeded
You cannot cause me to fail

Out of indignance
Plans fail when sirens wail
In surrender I won’t be in dismay

I will rejoice when my other plans don’t succeed
Because His are so much better
Bringing forth goodness in the midst of confusion

Know He is good
Gives you a hope and a future
Much more exceptional
Than our small minds could plan
His, will surely ever stand

Trust won’t bring dismay
But hope in every conceivable way
Out of it flows goodness
And in it lies peace
Around encircles sweetness
Looking on brings a melody
Listening silence
And the tasting of it mercy
Feeling relaxing as it
Envelops the pain
Taking it as its own
And gives peace as sweet its rain

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