Treated as precious by a lover
Enveloped by grace and care
Feelings and depth it’s unaware

It’s fought for in hospitals
Machines give it subsistence
While it can be gone in a mere instant

In the sex trade it’s a commodity
Lost in lust’s eyes by a dollar sign
Astray in a world thinking it’s benign

Individuals see it as worthless
Cut it up, starve, and mutilate
Wayward in seething hate

There are many ways to describe it
But only one way it finds meaning
Meaning beyond what’s seeming

One way that it can go beyond
Trials and mundane days
When direction’s in a haze

In one Life everything changed
Covered life’s bitter disgraces
And gave a place to lift our faces

When life seems worthless or vain
Know where it gets its meaning
Who lives and moves and gives our being

Transformation is possible for it
And what was lost can be found
Sinking sand becomes solid ground

Hope that didn’t exist for it
Is now established in the King
Our life He brought into being

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