A voice in the wilderness

A voice bellowed out of the wilderness, “You are not His!”

The voice had a loathing and venom he was not aware of months ago drooling over what was going to happen next on his screen. At the time, it was like he was melting away unaware of the sinister grasp that had him by the scruff of the neck seeking to drag him away into darkness. However, each time he verged on its edge the darkness always abated outdone by a brighter light. Somehow in his wanderings from work, home, and school he had not been keenly aware of the Light that had been constantly rescuing him from the ravishing darkness. The darkness that wanted to own him, to further enslave him.

Now he was looking into the eyes of Darkness, black with hatred. He could see the lies passing before him as a current, rushing past him with the force of a mighty river. To think he had once almost drowned in them, crushed in the rocks by trees protruding their false hope of security poking out of the water. Chills went down his spine as his eyes were locked on the Liar. He had constantly battled to bring him to this place. The place where he had to look in those eyes black with hatred and tell the Liar that for once, he was truthful. Emotions were surging through the boy, rather now a man, more than they ever had in his life. Just like Lies that was rushing past him, Mistakes were rushing into his mind filling up like a mishappen lake. The man knew the dam would not forever hold, because Trust’s foundations were crumbling before his eyes. Soon enmity, strife, hatred, and rebellion would soon be gushing over the banks through his Heart.

Darkness’s plans seemed to be working. The lake was filling, the dam crumbling. Smug looks of victory were exchanged with his followers who were jeering at the man. He sunk to his knees.

“You will have trouble in this world,” came a Voice, “but fear not, for I have overcome the world.”

At this, those in the room recoiled as if they had been burned by a hot stove. Darkness spoke, his voice seething, “I am the ruler of the kingdom of the air. This child, rather by their terms I suppose… man… has long since left Your devices to seek my treasure. Leave him be, what’s one more to me? I have many.”

Leaning on His staff the Advocate spoke, “I am the great Shepherd. Does not the shepherd of the flock seek the one out of one hundred who is lost? Does he not rejoice when he is found? Such are men like these that have been before you. This man is no different. I have come to gather My sheep.” In His voice was Finality.

At that moment the man turned and saw Love staring at him with the intensity of a lion, and something like what reminded him of a combination of the love he had known of mothers and fathers. The river rushing into his mind froze as if caught in mid-winter, unable to flow. “What an amazing man,” he thought. Trusts foundations were reordering themselves on top of something stronger, something that he had forgotten was there in the first place. Love had started glowing beneath the bricks and mortar of Trust. A lake of mistakes that was roiling above the dam started to boil and melt away. For the presence of Truth was in the air above it. The thought of this Man coming to rescue him, as one of His own began to fill the lake. More and more started filling the lake, intermingling with great thoughts of the man who came to rescue him from the jaws of Death. Interestingly enough, the flow never ceased nor did the dam break. That didn’t matter now.

Darkness was seething. The Guardian guided the man out of the room, out of the building he was led. As he was crossing the threshold, he saw a sign that indicated Selfishness. How he had wandered into such a place he didn’t know. The wilderness outside looked foreboding, with no clear path for them to take as the Shepherd led them to the trees. As comforting as the well-lit temple looked, he didn’t want to go back to it. He had known the horrors inside its halls and who its occupants worshiped. He had seen Destruction run his course through his friends, family, and strangers. No, this was the last place he wanted to go. To the woods it is, into the wilderness. What reason had he to fear anyway? If he was to get lost, the Guardian and Shepherd of his soul would seek him among the brambles and bushes and tall trees. His rod and staff would pull him back and bring him to his senses. What was he to fear, if he was truly His? The truth of this enveloped his soul. He truly hated being lost, and sought not to seek its path.

In the distance he heard a a voice bellowing out of the wilderness, “You are not His!”

This didn’t strike despair into his heart as it had many times before. Truth had now filled the lake, and it was not about to be emptied by lies.

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