Drip down

Drip down, heavens drip down from above
Pour down righteousness in love
On our faces, on our faces we are free
Righteousness springs up like a tree

From the rising, the rising of the sun
Oh God there is no other
You call me by name, oh I’m called
Oh Your name in all its fame

That men may know, they will know
The One forming light and creating darkness
Causing well being, creating calamity
It’s Your face that we will seek

Give us the treasures of darkness
Wealth from the secret places
We want to know, oh to really know
Israel’s Lion under His banner we go

Arouse oh Father, arouse our righteousness
Destroy our binding fetters
Salvation, yeah salvation
Who are You to be put to shame

Speak Loud mighty God, speak loud
Brandish the power of Your name
Draw near to us, draw near
Speak to us in our fear

Your word never turns back, never

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