Two Sides

You say the war has already been won
I say the battle has just begun
Who are you to say oh man
That the day has been decided
I have many tools available to my hands
To pry you away from those you love
To tear you away from your Savior
And those you adore
To all you will be the hypocrite
The one who fails in life
Wasting away in selfishness and addiction
While I win yet another day
Embellishing lives to just die away
Fruitless and hindered
Destroying His threatening Kingdom
I’ll take what I can
From pastors addicted to porn and cheating on their wives
To young ones on worthless things wasting their lives
I love to see turmoil and strife
To see His glory stripped away
Myself exalted and loved or hated more than Him
This if anything I will win

As this human I have but one thing to say
That this time you do speak truth
What you desire and want shall in ways come to pass
However in the light of Jesus it fails to last
Without Him we wither and die away
Giving to you our wasted days
But one thing I know you hate
Is when we live for Him no matter what
Overcoming our temptations and our failures
Not giving into your lies of worthlessness and vanity
In Him only our lives have real meaning
And we can find healing
We can’t do this on our own
When we try you win
When Jesus fills our lives He is the ultimate Victor
So in the end you don’t stand a chance
My Savior died for all
He has won, even if you stall
I can’t say these words of my own power or volition
To a being created by God with power unfathomable compared to me
I just know because of His power
I am a captive set free
Because of this only do I speak

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