A journey of faith

Sometimes the journey of faith is a winding road with twists and turns we don’t expect. Life throws us curve balls that are just every day occurrences for everyone in life. Your car breaks down or you get in an accident. Mechanical stuff just goes bad and sometimes we aren’t the best drivers.

Do we chalk this up to something like God doesn’t want us to go somewhere because our car breaks down? Do we interpret that as some cosmic sign or do we realized life happens and cars need a mechanic? Just because something seems to go wrong doesn’t mean that God is blocking your way to go somewhere or do something.

If God has led you to go somewhere, He will be faithful to bring you there. It may be messy, and life may happen but trust God as your provider to overcome the facts of life.

I’ve moved to Georgia trusting God with these things. Its been super messy for me. I’ve doubted and questioned, but one thing has always remained clear to me. That one thing is that I was supposed to take a risk and leap of faith.

God faithfully showed me constantly what I was supposed to do. He gave me enough to go on and enough prodding to trust Him to go for it. When this process started I had no job, place to live, and no working vehicle of my own. Trying to figure all of this and stuff related to life was daunting and difficult. Finding a job in another state and place to live seems daunting because where do you start?

Thankfully God has given me wonderful friends who gave me a helping hand and suggested jobs, even at their own workplaces. I decided to pursue all of them. The one that worked out fits me well and I even get to work with my good friends. Blessing. More pay than my past job. Blessing. Not food service, but still customer service. Blessing. Flexibility and friendly people. Blessing.

In all of this, I was asking around figuring out where I could live. Apartments were expensive. With rent, bills, and school loan payments, I would barely scrape by in the green. I might get to eat some.

One day as I was talking to a relative in the area, he offered to allow me to live at his family’s house. His family is wonderful and Godly, and they’re family! What a wonderful blessing that is! I also can’t forget to mention it’s not far from where my Lady lives, so I’ll be blessed to see her more frequently than I would with a 4.5 hour drive!

Here’s where its still messy though and we will take a few steps back in time. I found out from my mechanic that my car blew a head gasket two days before my second job interview. Do I take this job without knowing if I’ll even have a car to drive when I move? I decided to take a risk. They hired me on the spot. Now I have a job, where is my car going to come from?

To be continued…

Hint… I still don’t have my own car!

Remember, its a journey of trust and faith in Him for His provision!

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