October draws near

October draws near
Cool autumn air
Wisps through trees
Bringing with it sadness
And loss

Who would have thought
Beautiful fall colors
Could bring so much emptiness
Yet there it remains
This great sadness

Friendship lost one evening
Never to return in this world
Hope yes, in the next
But something missing
In this one remains

Tears will be shed
From pain and even laughter
From all the precious memories
The weight of them grows
And pools form at my feet

Every day isn’t without thought
Or even a reminder
Of what is missing, lost for now
Small things here and there
But over time they add up

October draws near
And so along with the cooling air
Comes the renewed grieving
Reliving the past in its memory
Dreaming of the future
Pursuing a life worth living

1 thought on “October draws near

  1. Kurt, I wish you well and send my prayers with you. Really miss seeing our bible study family, but know that God is with me and i am growing right where I am! Have a safe trip and keep us posted….have always loved your writings! ~ Holly

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