Child of God

To go through trying times
Without losing myself
To stay who I am in the midst of change
When life is rearranged
Everything is in a new place
From my feet to my bags
Do I let my life turn to rags

Do I let myself get lost in work
A new life,  a new place
Do I get lost in this space
Where no one knows the real me
Thousands of miles from those that do
To whom I could hide who I’ve become
Change into a life where I’d be undone

I’ve faced decisions that have rocked my world
Put me on a plane and trudging
Through muskeg loving people Christians would be judging
Fighting with everything I am
To weather the landscape of my soul
Turned into a war zone with death and pain
At times I feel like I will die in it
Alone and burning in that last crater
The mortar shell I decided to succumb to
Even though I heard its whistle
My eyes closing one last time
Staring blankly at the thistle
Though my soul wants to let go
Live a different life and do vile things

I cannot run from who He made me to be
Be like a ninja from my favorite show
Who never gives up, and is determined that people know love
I’ll show them love that isn’t solely from above
But be His hands and feet
Realize I fail and only He can perform the sweet
Resurrection of my soul almost lost
To dying winds of change
My soul has already been rearranged

Evil doing its best for me to forget
I will still hold on to what I know
Truth, Jesus is my one salvation
Whether I am sent to one nation
Or all, face my life uprooted
He is my foundation
Reminding me of who I really am
Always a child of God
Never to be lost and spared the death rod
His Son is growing me into who I need to be
So His face one day I’ll gladly see

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